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Rising Ashes

Lisa and Satnam blend British folk and traditional Indian songs with contemporary compositions and arrangements. A weaving of cultures and musical styles.

Nicky Bray

Quirky pop with a strong line in comedy storytelling – will we hear “Fly me to the Honeymoon” about a Jet 2 couple consummating their marriage behind a giant Toblerone?

KOBY Studio & CatNis

Urban and Social Dance Specialist & Foundation Training. Performances include the dance team, vocals by Mirabel Ukpabio and a workshop delivered using enjoyable easy-to-follow dance exercises, communicated in British Sign Language (BSL) and spoken English by CatNis – Deaf Jam Fitness.

R.J. Tomlin

I’ve liked stories ever since I can remember. My first proper recollection of writing (or ‘when I first started’) was when I was 14-years-old. I was bored in English class, and wrote a poem called Field of Snow. I asked to read it out at the end of the lesson, and when I finished, everyone clapped. And,…
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Zach Pygall

Zach Pygall is a Country and Folk Singer-Songwriter from the North East of England. With rich folk, country and americana vibes, Zach Pygall’s songwriting is inspired by Josh T Pearson, John Fullbright and Sean Rowe. Bright acoustic tones and authentic songwriting mix with heartfelt performances and British wit to create a breathtaking musical experience.

Counting Coins

Fusing punk, hip-hop and a myriad other influences, Counting Coins have taken their party-starting live shows to venues and festivals all over the UK and Europe. Since forming in 2009, Counting Coins have steadily built up a reputation for their raucously energetic live shows, stealing the spotlight and getting the crowds bouncing. Whether supporting the…
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The dictionary says “A confused mixture”… we’d rather think of it as ‘An interesting mixture’. Great songs don’t need a defined genre.

Farsley Village Singers

Farsley Village Singers started in 2015, they are a group of local people who came together to share their love of singing and to have a bit of fun along the way.  They sing a variety of music from Abba to Karl Jenkins and everything in between, so you’re bound to hear something that you love…
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The Brazen

The Brazen are an emerging rock n’ roll band based in Leeds/Birmingham with a growing fanbase, playing their debut show with national powerhouse “This Feeling” in 2017. The boys draw on shared influences like Kasabian, Kings of Leon and The Stereophonics and share their knack for hook-laden choruses that strike a chord with live audiences everywhere.

Penny and the Sausages

Bringing the hits to you, like some kind of crazy human jukebox!