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  • Rising Ashes

    Rising Ashes

    Lisa and Satnam blend British folk and traditional Indian songs with contemporary compositions and arrangements. A weaving of cultures and musical styles.

  • Nicky Bray

    Nicky Bray

    Quirky pop with a strong line in comedy storytelling – will we hear “Fly me to the Honeymoon” about a Jet 2 couple consummating their marriage behind a giant Toblerone?

  • KOBY Studio & CatNis

    KOBY Studio & CatNis

    Urban and Social Dance Specialist & Foundation Training. Performances include the dance team, vocals by Mirabel Ukpabio and a workshop delivered using enjoyable easy-to-follow dance exercises, communicated in British Sign […]

  • R.J. Tomlin

    R.J. Tomlin

    I’ve liked stories ever since I can remember. My first proper recollection of writing (or ‘when I first started’) was when I was 14-years-old. I was bored in English class, […]

  • Zach Pygall

    Zach Pygall

    Zach Pygall is a Country and Folk Singer-Songwriter from the North East of England. With rich folk, country and americana vibes, Zach Pygall’s songwriting is inspired by Josh T Pearson, John Fullbright […]

  • Counting Coins

    Counting Coins

    Fusing punk, hip-hop and a myriad other influences, Counting Coins have taken their party-starting live shows to venues and festivals all over the UK and Europe. Since forming in 2009, […]

  • Farrago


    The dictionary says “A confused mixture”… we’d rather think of it as ‘An interesting mixture’. Great songs don’t need a defined genre.

  • Farsley Village Singers

    Farsley Village Singers

    Farsley Village Singers started in 2015, they are a group of local people who came together to share their love of singing and to have a bit of fun along […]

  • The Brazen

    The Brazen

    The Brazen are an emerging rock n’ roll band based in Leeds/Birmingham with a growing fanbase, playing their debut show with national powerhouse “This Feeling” in 2017. The boys draw on […]

  • Penny and the Sausages

    Penny and the Sausages

    Bringing the hits to you, like some kind of crazy human jukebox!