Are you able to spare some time to help us run the festival?

The festival is organised and run entirely by volunteers, come festival day we need as many extra hands as we can get in order to keep things running smoothly!

Set up starts at around 6am and clean up ends around 7pm, any help at any time is appreciated – we don’t expect volunteers to be there all day! For those who are with us for a good stretch we will provide food vouchers, so you can have a free lunch from one of our vendors.

There are a variety of tasks that we need volunteer help with, some physical (e.g. putting up tents) and some less so (manning the silent disco, directing people to the festival, shaking donation buckets etc.) – there will be something for everyone to get involved in. We regularly rotate the jobs people are doing, so nobody will be stuck in one place for the whole day.

If you’re interested and able to help, whether you’re an individual or an organisation, please get in touch with us at or fill in the form below.

Tell us anything you like about how you would like to help.